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Three Peaks Kitchen + Bar
"Endless" Menu Campaign (Jingle!) 

Three Peaks Kitchen + Bar is the first bistro-style kitchen in the Spokane area. Unfortunately, Spokane locals are still relatively unaware that this great place to dine is right under their (respective) noses.

We decided out of home and print had to be pretty on-the-nose to remain a quick read and also stay classy and on brand. But with radio/TV, we needed to get weird to cut through the noise.

I felt strongly an "endless jingle" would be perfect. So, on the car ride home from work, I worked out the lyrics by singing to myself. Had a script hammered by that night which, by design, could literally loop endlessly. And lo, with the help of the wonderful Todd Syring, the Endless Jingle (demo) was born. 

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STC Endless Campaign

STC Endless Campaign

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Process / Notes


Too Weird For 7 Seconds...

Pre-jingle, the initial creative need was for billboard concepts that could eventually work as print, radio, and potentially tv/preroll.

Our initial attack was to try and find a way to visually convey "endless" items such as pasta, french fries, and an endless Friday Fish Fry that read quickly but also stood out in the market

While we loved conveying some quirkiness to differentiate ourselves from the more "over the plate" Lobster-fest takes on endless, we ultimately chose to keep the message simple and the execution clean and classy.  

Pushing Personality

As Betsy once said, you gotta be clear before you're clever. But it was hard to let go of this idea of just having a wee bit of fun with the IDEA of endless

We thought at the very least that more conceptual creative might play well in social. Or, at the very least we could test more playful ideas (I.e., endless french fry vortex) against more traditional Three Peaks Facebook ads. Again, this is why it felt important to push for the Endless jingle, to demonstrate this idea had endless...legs?


Leap of Faith

Thanks to the bravery of the account team, we end up in studio with the masterful (and patient) Todd Syring. 

While I didn't mind embarrassing myself at the mic, I still wasn't quite sure what t type of vibe this jingle wanted to have. 

After tumbling down the rabbit hole of sitcom opening-creidt music from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s nothing I found was quite "right." So Todd and I used "light sitcom music" as our compass direction, and just pieced it together as I "sang." The whispers were a last minute addition of which I'm very happy.

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