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RandomWiki: Benches of Pine

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Content Writing Prompt: Koppang Station

Koppang Station is a railway station located in Norway. Originally built in 1875, its roof is covered in rheinzink. I had to look up what that was. It’s zinc roofing.

Why would you cover the roof of your railway station in titanium zinc? Had to look that up too...

Well, rheinzink (™?) is a long-term roofing solution that’s low maintenance, mailable, and has no color coating. It’s also a monolithic metal. What’s that mean? Yeah, again, good question. Good question…(hold please)

That took a bit more digging (you’re welcome, though friend-o). In lamen’s terms, a monolithic metal is any metal that is all only the metal it only is. Hence the “mono,” I suppose. Example: A single chunk of copper or a single cube of brass would both be, in that state, considered monolithic metals. But mix the two together in the process of creating the poor Yamaha alto-saxophone fated to be horribly, horribly played by moi during high school and them metals are no longer monolithic.

So, wait, if rheinzink is 99% zinc and 1% titanium, how is that a monolithic metal? Shit. Wait a sec.

Oh, it gets worse, according to the wiki article, the roof was part of an effort to renovate Koppang Station in…2012? It goes on to note that, while the new benches were made out of pine (that sounds nice!) there is a, “mismatch between the yellow of the station building and the yellow of the shed.”

Oh wait, it gets even more worse. In looking for a photo of the roof and the mismatch (and the pine benches) at Koppang Station I see that it appears to now be closed. For good.




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