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RandomWiki: We're Starting Our Descent

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Content Writing Prompt: The Sunset Bar and Grill

The Sunset Bar and Grill is located in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. It is located right next to a (the) airport. Being both in the Caribbean and near a (the) airport, the Sunset Bar and Grill is also next to a beach that airplanes fly right over as they land. And that is awesome.

This is why the Sunset Bar and Grill became quite popular. Well, it’s also near many of the island’s resorts. Whatever. WE all know the Sunset Bar and Grill became popular because folks enjoyed spending time there watching airplanes fly right over the beach as they land.

Arrival and departure times are shown on televisions inside. There is a shot called “The Jet Blast,” so named for the powerful wash of air created when an airplane throttles up for liftoff. They‘ve also named pizzas after different airlines and air travel whatnots.

Reviewing the menu on their website, I’m confident the One Way would be my jam. But after a few rounds of Jet Blasts from the Bikini Bar, the St. Maarten’s combo of prosciutto and sweet chili fruit salsa would probably sound fairly delightful.

More than anything, I keep staring at the large picture that greets you at the top of their homepage:

In it, 15-20 people are seated out on the deck at the Sunset Bar and Grill. The sun is out. The sky is blue. The water is also very blue. Corona Extra branded umbrellas provide some shade and (judging by how everyone is dressed) these are mostly American tourists. One guy in the foreground is wearing a white shirt with a giant, black martini icon on its back. He might be German.

To the Maybe German’s right, I clock the gentleman in the black shirt and white shorts with grey stripes as some sort of mid-western business owner who enjoys yelling at copywriters when they pitch him TV ideas for the dumpster company his father willed to him.

Aside from a young girl who’s probably staring down at a phone (or a menu, to be fair…) everyone is looking out at an American Airlines Boeing 767 as it approaches the runway, maybe a couple hundred feet off that amazing blue water.

Des Moines Dumpster Magnate’s wife has a small tattoo behind her left ankle. Martini Shirt Guy is holding a Corona bottle with a lime stuffed in its neck. Because that’s what you do. On the table in front of him is a laminated menu. It looks to be the same as the one I just looked at on their website.

I feel sad looking at this picture of the Sunset Bar and Grill. It captures a lot of things together that aren’t happening right now. Maybe a few that won’t happen again, separately or together.

While I was thinking about this, I wasted time Googling white t-shirt with martini icon on back. I couldn’t find it. But I did come across a white t-shirt with a picture of a martini with olives on its front.

Beneath the martini, in scripty font, it reads:


Currently in stock. $19.90 each.


The Sunset Bar and Grill feels impossibly far away right now.

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