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Memory Pyramids & Über das Gedächtnis

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Firstly, searching for more on "memory pyramids" led me to Hermann Ebbinghaus and his Über das Gedächtnis.

Back in the 1900s, Ebbinghaus was a pioneer in the study of memory.

His contributions included:

  • Determining that memory is orderly

  • The Forgetting Curve

  • Information can be stored in our subconscious that can't be consciously accessed, which he called savings

(Oooo! And he also discovered what is now called Ebbinghaus Illusion)

The significance of these contributions is especially notable, in my opinion anyway, due to the fact that Ebbinghaus was his own test subject. While, at the time, popular belief held that higher mental processes could not be studied through experimentation. But Ebbinghaus didn't agree, which lead him to said pioneering work.

While the Wikipedia article from which I gleaned this all was solid, that last point (the contrary thinking/impulse) was something I wished it had touched on. The idea of a "lonewolf" has already been mentioned in the Sweathead Summer Camp preface. Might need to dig more into this later?

Secondly, what the fuck is up with triangles? Why are they so powerful? Is it a math thing? Or is there something more to this specific shape and what they do for (mean to) us?

Another thing we'll need to come back to here. (I.e.,'re now on notice.)

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