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Branding Down the House

Branding frameworks, like recipes, can be problematic. Because they give the illusion that if you simply assemble the noted ingredients...

Uh Oh...Giotto's O

Exercises and tests are not the same. But they’re often conflated with regards to creativity. So, it’s important to know the difference...

RandomWiki: Ivan's War

Australian Ivan Clarence Carnaby was born in 1908 and lived for 66 years. And he spent a large part of his life observing Emus.

Talent Don't Hurt. (Right?)

When discovered, it's hard to accept a talent that exists far outside of our comfort zone. It feels like a paradox.

RandomWiki: Doctor Wat?

Katarina is not a real person. She is a companion of the First Doctor on the super-long running British science fiction show Doctor Who.

We're Making This Complicated.

In reading about him, I’m finding that (no surprise?) Robin Williams was a complicated person. But that’s not fair, is it?

RandomWiki: Benches of Pine

Koppang Station is a railway station located in Norway. Originally built in 1875, its roof is covered in rheinzink.

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