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Ever-helpful, here I've compiled a sample-set of questions that I frequently ask myself:

It's 3AM, why am I awake? 

What needs to get done tomorrow?

Did I forget to get anything done today?

Wait, today is now...tomorrow, right? 

Is it really 3AM? 

Why am I hungry?

What was I just dreaming about? 

Why was I just dreaming about that?

How can it be true that every single face you see in a dream is an actual face of someone you've seen in your life? 

How do I know that?

Did I read that? 

Why do I have the same three anxiety dreams on a regular basis? 

When I spit my teeth out into my hand, why do I always hide them behind my back so people won't know?

Am I dying? 

Was that the dog?

Did the dog get out of her kennel?

Is the dog pooping over everything in the basement right now? 

Is it too early for breakfast?

I can still sleep for like three hours, why am I thinking about all this?

Will I actually be able to go back to sleep at this point? 

Am I just going to waste three hours lying here trying to sleep until the God damn alarm goes off? 

Did I set a God damn alarm?

What time is it now? 

Why don't I just get up and work?

What time do I need to be in the office today? 

Do I have something I can bring in for lunch? 

Why don't I cook at home more? 

I have an Instapot, shouldn't I be making more Indian food or something? 

What's in Garam Masala? 

Why don't I travel more? 

Will I regret not seeing more of the world before I die? 

How could it be that fish and chips was the worst thing I ate in England?

Why was Brains on tap everywhere in Wales? 

Why do beers like Brains and Boddingtons taste so smooth and buttery? 

Would it be worth looking that up on Wikipedia right now? 

Should I edit another Wikipedia article soon?

Why does editing Wikipedia articles make me so nervous? 

Should I be editing more?

Am I good enough at editing?

Am I thinking enough about my career?

Why haven't I seen any movies lately? 

Is there a difference between a film and a movie? 

What is cinema?

Why haven't I written any movies? 

Why do I keep paying to upgrade Final Draft when I never use it? 

Should I have moved out to California after I graduated? 

Why didn't I stick it out in public radio?

Do I still have my voice over reel? 

Should I try to do more VO? 

Am I putting myself out there enough?

Maybe I could hit Denny's on the way into work this morning? 

How many calories in a Grand Slam breakfast? 

How much do I weigh right now? 

Should I be doing more cardio? 

How can I workout more with everything going on right now?

Should I buy an exercise bike?

Is a recumbent bike better than a normal exercise bike? 

Could I bike in the morning while Will's playing Minecraft?

Why is everyone riding around on those fat tire bikes?

Why do fat tire bikes make me mad?

Why does Chris say not to hate things?

Doesn't he hate things?

Is he trying to be funny? 

Why am I so scared of improv comedy?

Why did I beef it so hard when I tried out for David's improv group in college?

Why was I just dreaming about that?

Why am I hungry?

Did I forget to get anything done today?

Wait, today is now...tomorrow, right?

It's 3:01 AM, why am I awake? 

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